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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00000555   blockacknowledged2008-09-08CE 5.4.2 - Cannot debug (CE is not visible)
  00000513   blockacknowledged2008-09-08CE 5.4.2 - Cannot add pointer
  00000361   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2008-09-08Auto assembler douesn't work in 5.4
  0000028    minorresolved (Dark Byte)2008-09-08CE 64 bit bug on vista
  00000142   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2008-09-08Icon on trainer maker
  00000682   featureconfirmed2008-09-07Change type of multiple records
  00000622   featureacknowledged2008-09-07Calculate offset
  00000672   blockacknowledged2008-09-07No memory controler found
  00000701   featureconfirmed2008-09-07Width base: 16
  00000691   featureconfirmed2008-09-07xmm registers
  00000662   featureacknowledged2008-09-01Logging
  00000652   majorresolved (Dark Byte)2008-08-31CE 5.4.2 - Code replaced on cancel
  00000112   minorconfirmed2008-08-27Short/Long jumps in Auto-assembler
  00000581   tweakacknowledged2008-08-10its not for mac
  00000562   blockresolved (Dark Byte)2008-08-01Hack Attempt detcted
  00000546   minorconfirmed2008-07-17CE 5.4.2 - Additional NOPs after conditional jump
  00000461   featureacknowledged2008-07-06Some Feature requests from me :-)
  00000451   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2008-06-26next scan fault
  0000041    featureassigned (Dark Byte)2008-05-23New feature: remember saved regions
  00000402   majorresolved (Dark Byte)2008-05-21Right-click menu does not appear on accessed address list
  00000355   majorresolved (Dark Byte)2008-05-21Pointer scanner stuck at "copying memory"
  00000291   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2008-05-20Possible Memory Leak via Pointer Scanner?
  00000261   featureresolved (Dark Byte)2008-05-19Save window positions/sizes
  00000224   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2008-05-19The new scan
  00000304   featureresolved (Dark Byte)2008-05-19Binary-scan dosn't work on 5.3 version
  00000421   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2008-05-08Copy to clipboard always copies both bytes and opcodes
  00000391   textconfirmed2008-05-08UI becomes messy with higher DPI resolution
  00000324   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2008-02-09Plugins Freeze Cheat Engine (Compiler Issue?)
  00000271   crashresolved (Dark Byte)2008-01-29CE causes crash by restoring wrong code
  00000217   crashresolved (Dark Byte)2008-01-14Speedhack crashes Cheatengine & Ultima Online
  00000192   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2008-01-02Invisible Scan Results ( CE: 5.4 )
  00000022   tweakresolved (Dark Byte)2007-12-15Memory view - ImageBase
  00000182   crashresolved (Dark Byte)2007-10-03MainForm >> BSOD
  00000162   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2007-09-28AutoAssembler Tab/Space compliance
  00000151   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2007-09-27[completely minor](Memory viewer) Selected bytes remain when moving to a different address
  00000041   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2007-09-20Trainer Maker: Scripts that have malloc don't work
  00000123   tweakresolved (Dark Byte)2007-09-19"Copying memory" on pointer scanner
  00000032   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2007-08-29Small num-pad error on hex view.
  00000091   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2007-08-29Cheat Table grouping
  00000101   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2007-08-29escape doesn't close the "type change"
  00000061   featureresolved (Dark Byte)2007-07-27shr eax,8bitreg isn't recognized
  00000081   featureresolved (user601)2007-07-27Add ability to change multiple addresses to a specific value using one hotkey
  00000013   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2007-07-26C in hex view exits editmode
  00000071   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2007-07-26Auto Assembler Scripts
  00000051   minorresolved (Dark Byte)2007-07-26Scan buffer at 0