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0000086Cheat Enginepublic2008-12-08 01:09
Assigned ToDark Byte 
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
Summary0000086: CE 5.4 error : Wrong compiling ASM code
DescriptionWhen AND a "word ptr []" and number 2 bytes is getting a wrong compiling

example: and word ptr [ebx+04],0003 //something like that type.I don't really //remember. But i have encountered each time used this instruction type/
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442a (reporter)

hmm what version of cheatengine are you using???


Tien_huong2002 (reporter)

You see : 5.4 and download from cheat engine homepage


442a (reporter)

dude thats not the latest ver try this link


442a (reporter)

its the latest version/ its a svn snapshot


Dark Byte (developer)

For now, write that assembler code as:
"and word ptr [ebx+04],3"


Dark Byte (developer)

Was caused because the rm16,16 had the opcode for the rm8,8 instruction instead of the rm32,32 downgrade to 16


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