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0000076Cheat Enginepublic2008-11-11 04:56
Assigned ToDark Byte 
Summary0000076: CE 5.4.2 - Auto-assemble window position is not saved
it seems that the position and size of the "Auto assemble" are not preserved even though I have checked "Save window positions" under the settings.

I am not sure whether this is a bug or a feature not even planned. If a bug, please fix it, if not, please hear me out: I know normally people don't edit scripts very often, but I am not that good in ASM, so I have to edit/test run/edit/test run my script frequently, in loops - so, in the long run I found myself spending excessive amount of time to position/resize the window every time it opens.

It would be great it the position/size could be saved.
Thank you.
Additional InformationTo edit a script, right-click on it and choose "Change script" from the pop-up menu.
The editor shows.
Move the window and click ok to close it.
Now edit the script again. Note that the window position is not saved.
Resize the window and click ok to close it.
Now edit the script again. Note that the window's size is not saved.
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Dark Byte (developer)

Actually, I use the auto assembler more than the normal address list.
I sometimes have 5 separate windows open at the same time, and some even with tabs
That's why I don't know if saving the position for that window is useful or annoying, since I tend to place them all around the main ce window for a quick overview.

Just so you know, you can open an auto assembler window that isn't attached to the cheat table by pressing ctrl+alt+a in the main window or ctrl+a in memory view, where the ok button is then an execute button, so no close when you click it, so no need to reposition

I guess I could add a save position specifically for the aa that pops up for editing scripts in a table.


Csimbi (reporter)

Hmmm. Good point, I did not know that.
But, I guess it could save every time the "Ok" is clicked. So, the last "Ok" would always replace the size of the window - don't know about the position.
Could there be a list of sizes/positions? I mean: not only a single window position would be preserved, but an entire list, so that:
 - when the first editor window was opened, it would use the first position in the list,
 - when the second editor window was opened, it would use the second position in the list, etc.
This might be complicated though. I don't know how it's done in other multi-window editors, but there are some that save/restore entire workspaces. Do you think it could be stored into the cheat table? Just a thought. Go for the most simple solution - I guess you are not aiming for a full-featured editor... I at least am perfectly with just saving the size/position of the last window with "Ok" click.
Thank you.


Dark Byte (developer)

it now saves the position of auto assembler windows that spawn from the address list. (when the option to save window positions is enabled)

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