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0000535Cheat Enginepublic2017-06-24 16:45
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Platformx86-64OSWindows 10 ProOS Version1703
Summary0000535: Minimized "Extra info" window crashes Cheat Engine
DescriptionEvery time I intuitively minimise the window "Extra info" it minimises in a very odd way by taking place above the task panel and after trying to open or maximise or close another minimised window appears on the right and Cheat Engine stops responding.
Steps To ReproduceRIGHT CLICK ON ADDRESS -> Find out what accesses/writes to this address -> *Change Value* -> DOUBLE CLICK any in the list -> "Extra info" window opens -> Minimize it -> Try to OPEN/MAXIMIZE/CLOSE -> NOT RESPONDING (CRASH)
Additional InformationProbably need to remove these buttons (MINIMIZE and MAXIMIZE) and leave just close button. They seem to be needless in that window anyway.
Tags6.6 CheatEngine
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