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Summary0000534: "Pointerscanner scanoptions" window should have ranges rather than fixed values
DescriptionThat window has these values by default:

Maximum offset value: 2048
Max level 5

But what if those values yield no results? If I modify those values, say, to 4092 and 6, it would include the values that had previously yielded no results.

So why not use ranges? 2048-4092 and 5-6. This way it would not include the previous scan results and the scan would be faster and use less HDD space.

Example: Replace the default with something like these?
Offset values: 0-2048
Levels: 0-5
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Dark Byte (developer)

not scanning range 0 to 2047 would result in loss of a lot of paths.
Take this path for example: 0-2c-880-3c-28
doing a scan with a structsize of 2048(800) would not find it, (880 is above that)
and doing a scan with region 2048-4092 would also not find it (0 is below 800)

Tip: Get a new version of CE and tick "max different offsets per node" and set it to 3, and give as offset a really huge value like 99999999. it'll scan faster and gives better pointers to begin with


bobbyhopere (reporter)

OK, I was wrong about making "Maximum offset value" a range.

Sorry, I am lost about: "max different offsets per node". No clue what it does.

But "Max level" should be a range, right?

First scan:
Maximum offset value: 2048
Max level 5

Second scan:
Maximum offset value: 2048
Max level 6

If "First scan" provided zero useful results, in the "Second scan", Cheat Engine would re-scan levels 0-5 which would be a waste of time; it should only scan for level 6.


Dark Byte (developer)

2: Max different offsets per node doesn't look so much at the offset size, but the number of offsets.

e.g you have the following pointers:

then with a max different offsets per node of 3, only the first 3 will be found, and after c000 it will go on with the rest. Greatly increases the scanspeed, and the results are pretty good (low value offsets)
There is a chance correct ones will be discarded, but it may give an idea of what the level size it

I could add a min level, but it will not speed up the scans.
It first has to go through all the level 6 paths before it can go to a level 7 path and beyond.
At most it would reduce the amount of results written to disk, but with a proper pointermap setup that is a thing of the past anyhow

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