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0000050Cheat Enginepublic2008-11-11 04:38
Assigned ToDark Byte 
Summary0000050: CE 5.4.2 cannot find the right address
DescriptionI am trying to find the addresses of the resources in Warlords Battlecry II - 1.04 beta patch. I could not find the values no matter what I tried, so I decided to give a go for TSearch 1.6b. I realized that the number of addresses is not the same for the first search.

I have CE 5.4.2.

I start a search for unknown values (4 bytes int).
After hitting first scan, the number of addresses displayed is:

I start TSearch, too and start a scan for unknown values as well (again, 4 bytes int).
After hitting ok, the number of addresses displayed is:

I go back to the game, let it go for a few secs to update the value and I search for "changed" values.
CE shows: 136913
TS shows: 154212

I go back to the game, but immediately ALT+TAB back to windows (to filter out game ticks, music, etc changes in the memory). Then, I continue searching for "unchanged" values.
CE shows: 57610
TS shows: 58230

I do the same thing again then I continue searching for "unchanged" values.
CE shows: 45947
TS shows: 46494

I go back to the game do not un-pause it, purchase something, and I search for "changed" values.
CE shows: 43337
TS shows: 43447

I go back to the game, do not un-pause it, cancel the previous purchase and I search for "changed" values.
CE shows: 42552
TS shows: 42587

I go back to the game, let the game run for a while to increase the money and I search for "changed" values.
CE shows: 1473
TS shows: 1511

Some more searches:

By trial and error and found out the right address.
Guess what: it was NOT on the list of the addresses found by CE!
So, it seems that there is something wrong with CE.

I repeated the test once again (naturally the numbers differ), but CE still could not find the right address - maybe it did not even search the right memory addresses in the first place?

If you

Additional InformationIn CE settings, I ticked the first two of these checkboxes:

If you need further testing, please email me!
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Dark Byte (developer)

could have to do with 0000049


Dark Byte (developer)

fixed a scan routine in 5.4.3 that had to do with regions it scanned. Could be the cause of this particular problem as well (seeing the regions weren't split up correctly)

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