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0000495Cheat Engine(No Category)public2016-08-08 19:26
Assigned ToDark Byte 
Summary0000495: "Fing out what read/write address" displayed wrong instruction with string operation
Descriptionfor example, I need to watch what accessed address 401200
here is some code
00402000 BE 00104000 mov esi, test+1000
00402005 BF 00124000 mov edi, test+1200
0040200A B9 80000000 mov ecx, 80
0040200F F3:A5 rep movsd

in such cases, will be displayed not the actual string command (rep movsd), but previous (mov ecx, 80)

and also disassembler makes some mess there
should be
00402000 - BE 00104000 - mov esi, test.exe+1000
instead of
00401FFF - 00 BE 00104000 - add [esi+test.exe+1000],bh

test subject and screenshot attached
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Dark Byte (developer)

ce now won't try to get the previous opcxode if it's a rep

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