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0000466Cheat Engine(No Category)public2016-05-24 16:47
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PlatformCheat Engine 6.5OSWindows 7 x64OS Version6.1.7601
Summary0000466: Custom Type bytecount "Value" display limited to 4
Description*When Show as Hexadecimal is enabled*

Setting a custom type to a value other than 4 will not change how many bytes are displayed in the Value column (except 0, which displays nothing)

Value accepts input up to 8 bytes
(ffffffffffffffff (f*16) is valid input,
fffffffffffffffff (f*17) could not be parsed)

Value only parses last 4 bytes, i.e. FFFFFFFF7FFFFFFF is the same input as 000000007FFFFFFF
Steps To Reproduce{LUA}
function vtb(i)

function btv(i)
return 2^(4*7)

registerCustomTypeLua("zero", 0, btv, vtb, false)

oneplus=1+tonumber(inputQuery("Number, please.","[-]{0,1}\d+",0))

registerCustomTypeLua("other", oneplus, btv, vtb, false)

Two entries with any address, types "zero" and "other", Show as Hexadecimal enabled.
The zero type entry shows nothing.
The other type entry shows 10000000 regardless of the value of oneplus (unless it is zero)
Entering 000000007FFFFFFF or FFFFFFFF7FFFFFFF will show a message "2147483647"
Additional InformationI would like a custom type to be able to display either like Array of Bytes if size != 4 or left-padded to the nearest multiple of 4 with zeroes.
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