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0000411Cheat Engine(No Category)public2015-10-05 22:05
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PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
Platformwindows7OSx64OS Version
Summary0000411: darkbyte manually dbvm load bsod crash!
Descriptioncommit 2bf8b431251c71ebb042141cd86c139181cf9560

new version test crash bsod

dbvm right click cpu0~cpu3 manually load success

but debug option kernel mode / global debug / ability kernel code check

breakpoint access -> BSOD 0x1E error

original left dbvm load -> No Bsod but VM Detect
Steps To ReproduceTest engine -> latest version
Test dbvm -> latest version
dbvk64.sys -> latest version
Additional Informationbsod.jpg upload

manually load dbvm -> CPUID Dbvm load -> not Detect

manually load dbvm -> Forcing vm Exit RDTST -> Dbvm load Detect

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pausebreak7 (reporter)

Additional information

manually dbvm load -> Close manually dbvm -> Reload About Cheat Engine Click

Your system supports DBVM Message View


manually dbvm load -> close manually view -> manually dbvm load click -> Access violation Message Box


pausebreak7 (reporter)

Manually dbvm load [intel i5 cpu core 4]

cpu0 click, cpu1 click,cpu2 click,cpu3 click all cpu load?


cpu one load -> Individual Load -> breakpoint bsod

cpu 0,1,2,3 click -> allload -> breakpoint Not BSOD

Individual Load error

Add a manual loading feature?

Sorry db

Bypass information code misunderstanding

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