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0000372Cheat Engine(No Category)public2015-02-10 22:21
Assigned ToDark Byte 
StatusresolvedResolutionno change required 
Summary0000372: DarkByte Cheat engine Dbvm bsod crash bug?
DescriptionMy linux dbvm 64bit compile 369kb(377 856byte)
Cheat Engine Rev 2902 Run

DBVM Version 8 Load -> Process Open -> Find Out What Accesses this address click
->Computer Bsod Crash ShutDown

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pausebreak7 (reporter)

Compile make clean cdimage

vmdisk144.img and vmdisk.img Copy Cheat engine Folder
vmdisk.img and vmdisk144.img

Do I need any other files?

vmdisk.img 285KB (291,840 byte) <--Cheat engine 6.4 Original Release vmdisk.img

Not Bsod

my vmdisk.img 369kb(377 856byte) <--Bsod


pausebreak7 (reporter)

computer info:
cpu: i5 Sandy Bridge
ram: 16GB
hdd: ssd


pausebreak7 (reporter)

my linux ubuntu 14.04 Compile

How do I use a different compiler?

I would like to know your build environment


Dark Byte (developer)

i used linux mint 14 and compile it using "make clean install"
but are you sure it's your build being the culprit? It could be it's the 30% chance you crash. Does it always crash? And does it crash when starting it from the about screen?

it's possible you need an older version of gcc. I read somewhere that it has changed the calling convention recently(16 byte alignment of the stack, including 32 bit code)


pausebreak7 (reporter)

The compiled file size is too different

You think there is a problem with the compilation method?

But Cheat engine Source Error?


pausebreak7 (reporter)

Always crash 100%


Dark Byte (developer)

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comment line 6 and 7 (or if you have a serial port adjust the makefile, it will help with debugging)
perhaps 11 as well

edit: actually, just edit https://code.google.com/p/cheat-engine/source/browse/trunk/dbvm/Makefile
and set serialport to 0


pausebreak7 (reporter)

Dark Byte

serial port to 0 compile bsod not crash

Why do you do that?


Dark Byte (developer)

when serialport is not 0 it compiles into debug mode
in debug mode right before it starts, it prints out a menu with lots of options to the serial port, and then waits for the user to send it an option. (e. g. 0 to start)
but if no one is sending it the command to start, it will wait forever


pausebreak7 (reporter)

Dark Byte Thank you^^

Have a nice day!

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