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0000322Cheat Enginepublic2014-02-24 15:34
Assigned ToDark Byte 
Summary0000322: speedhack_setSpeed(1/240) speedhack_setSpeed(0.004166666666666666) interpreted as speedhack_setSpeed(0.00)
DescriptionJust as the summary:
LUA speedhack_setSpeed(1/240) or speedhack_setSpeed(0.004166666666666666)
are interpreted as speedhack_setSpeed(0.00), clearly visible by the program stopping.
Minor problem of the bug reporting from: I cannot select a category?
TagsSpeedHack, Virtual families 2
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Jou (reporter)

PS: Fixing this and pushing a release (or a compile a binary for me), 30$ OK or more?


Jou (reporter)

my current ugly workaround which requires me to stay on the hotkey:

function checkKeys(timer)
  if (isKeyPressed(VK_J)) then
    openProcess( "demo.exe" )
  if (isKeyPressed(VK_K)) then
    openProcess( "demo.exe" )
-- = 0.00416
-- sleep(100)
-- = 0.00500
-- sleep(333)
-- = 0,01665

timer_onTimer(t, checkKeys)
timer_setEnabled(t, true)

If you know a better LUA implementation just say ;)


Dark Byte (developer)

fixed in the svn.
You'll have to wait a bit for a binary though, or compile it yourself

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