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0000306Cheat Enginepublic2014-02-13 06:54
Assigned ToDark Byte 
Summary0000306: CE 6.3 - Error in AOB scan instruction is not detected
DescriptionTry this:
aobscan(aobText,process.exe,03 FA 89 7C 24 10 D8 95)

This is accepted when the code is added to the table - no error is thrown.
There's no error when the script is enabled, either.
As a result, code in the script is injected at the wrong address, causing a crash.

Thanks for fixing.
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Csimbi (reporter)

I made a typo like this (the closing bracket is an underline, see last char):
aobscanmodule(aobText,process.exe,03 FA 89 7C 24 10 D8 95_
and there was no error on this, either.


Dark Byte (developer)

the aobscanmodule is an error, but the first one is more a "feature"
anything that isn't a valid hexadecimal work gets converted into a wildcard, and comma's are allowed as word separators for aob's

it parses it into this:
* 03 FA 89 7C 24 10 D8 95

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