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0000304Cheat Enginepublic2014-02-12 23:16
Assigned ToDark Byte 
Summary0000304: Intermodular call index
DescriptionI am seeking for a facility to jump across the code for specific calls in a selected module, so I could set easily breakpoints at all places where a specific 'call' is made.

If you have used Ollydbg, such index is generated when you click "Search for" -> "All intermodular calls".

Ideally, CE would let me select the module - sometimes it's not the opened process I am interested in.

I'd like the columns sortable (unconditionally sorted, unlike Ollydbg that uses conditional sorting), so I could find specific calls fast (i.e. sort by name would let me see all kernel32.* calls next to each other).

Double-clicking an entry in the index would jump to the right instruction in the memory view, where the module makes the call.

Having multiple call indexes open (in different windows) would be nice, but I am pretty sure I can manage without it.

Thank you for considering!
Additional InformationThere's a 'Dissect code' feature in CE already that analyzes the code in the selected modules (jumps, call, etc.), so I am hoping that the groundwork for this feature is already there and you won't be discouraged with this addition being a big task.
I am guessing - since the groundwork seems to be in place already - that all that's needed is:
 - a menu item entry,
 - a dialog to select the module(s) with OK/Cancel buttons,
 - a with a sortable grid (same as pointer scan?),
 - calling the same code as the 'Dissect code' does but collecting the 'call' instructions from the selected module into the sortable grid (with the appropriate metadata).
 - discard data when the grid is closed.
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Dark Byte (developer)

Implemented in the svn. Using the same design as the referenced strings window

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