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0000272Cheat Enginepublic2013-08-11 10:38
Assigned ToDark Byte 
Summary0000272: Lua MemoryRecord's Description property is not working
DescriptionI looked at the source and I am guessing its because the get and set functions are switched.
In "Cheat Engine/LuaMemoryRecord.pas" line 740:
luaclass_addPropertyToTable(L, metatable, userdata, 'Description', memoryrecord_setDescription, memoryrecord_getDescription);
Steps To ReproduceIn Lua Engine:

getAddressList().createMemoryRecord().Description = 'test1' -- not working
getAddressList().createMemoryRecord().setDescription('test2') -- working
print(getAddressList()[0].Description) -- not working
print(getAddressList()[0].getDescription()) -- working
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Dark Byte (developer)

Thanks, it's fixed in the svn
In the meantime you can use memoryrecord_getDescription(memrec) and memoryrecord_setDescription(memrec, newdescription)

Actually, you can also just do memrec.setDescription(desc) and memrec.getDescription()

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