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0000271Cheat Enginepublic2013-08-10 21:18
Assigned ToDark Byte 
Summary0000271: Bug using multiple scan tabs: random addresses added to address list instead of what shows in results.
DescriptionWhen using multiple scan tabs sometimes, the addresses that show in the results are not the addresses that get added to the address list when you try to do so. You can see this bug occur in one of my recent tutorial videos at this exact spot (go to 5:10 in the video if this link doesn't automatically load it there): http://youtu.be/PUqSPiJ4BwQ?t=5m10s

Note in the 2nd scan tab, the address in the results is 0299EA9A; however, when I go to add it to the address list, it adds a seemingly random address of 00410770. This issue only occurred in that one tab, and it only seems to happen randomly.
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h3x1c (reporter)

This is with Cheat Engine 6.3, by the way.


Dark Byte (developer)

really hard to reproduce but i managed to make it happen at least once


Dark Byte (developer)

fixed in the svn
Current method to bypass for now is before you switch tabs, select an entry in the list explicitly. Alternatively, use the red arrow to add the selected entry

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