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0000250Cheat Enginepublic2013-06-06 18:06
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Summary0000250: minor problem with the captions of the trainer buttons with using the translation
DescriptionIf use the default captions of the buttons "About", "Close" and the label "Hotkey" in the treinergenerator then in the finished trainer they are replaced by the strings of:

This is no problem if we use not translated CE. But if we use it and want to create a trainer for english users with using default captions we get "captions.png"

trainergenerator.pas has a strings:
but they don't exist in cheatengine-xxx.po and may be problem in this.
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Dark Byte (developer)

The trainergenerator has those strings yes, but they aren't resource strings so the translator doesn't affect that part.
Perhaps it affects the generated forms (translation files only look for the words, not the formnames)

Is this trainer a .cetrainer, tiny exe or a script you ran? Or a standalone gigantic .exe ?


SERGANT (reporter)

gigantic .exe (only if used "Design userinterface manually". If don't use it - all is ok);
tiny, tiny I can't run. Pops up a message with
"Launch Error
Please update your Cheat Engine version to Cheat Engine 6.2 or later"
Probably because I didn't install CE. Compiled from SVN.

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