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0000248Cheat Enginepublic2013-05-21 14:08
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Summary0000248: Feature request: background colour for rows in data dissect window
DescriptionI guess the summary says it all, but a bit more detail does not hurt.
So. I'd like to be able to set a background colour for a block in the data dissect window.

Today, the right-click reduces the selection - which is ok - do not touch it.
Instead, add it to the menu bar. It's easier to implement and I guess it would not used very often.

I.e. I select a range of rows in the data dissect window (shift+click, ctrl+click, etc.), then from the menu: "Structure options" -> "Row colours" -> "Custom..." and then the same colour selection dialog could pop up as it does for the cheat table entries.
Additional InformationThis would be particularly useful in wide tables.
But. If it comes at a significant performance hit (i.e. when repainting the tables), then just ignore this request as it's not worth it then.

Thank you for considering!

If you have too much time, you could add colour presents (like the "View" -> "Settings" menu item) and then the presents would be listed under "Structure options" -> "Row colours" -> "Preset x"
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Dark Byte (developer)

Implemented in the svn
As for presets not sure. I think the "Custom colors" field in the color picker is for that

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