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0000243Cheat Enginepublic2013-05-20 13:03
Assigned ToDark Byte 
Summary0000243: CE 6.2+ (pure rev.1809_32bit) Address list is blank
DescriptionSometimes the address list is blank - as if no addresses are found.
Often I thought that there were no addresses found but then I noticed that the scrollbar does change and addresses are in fact found, but not drawn.
I took a screenshot, have a look at the address list.
The entry is visible only because I clicked on it.

I am not sure what triggers this, for a while it is ok and then eventually it becomes like this.

VEH debugger is enabled and active (not sure it's related, just letting you know).
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Csimbi (reporter)

Last edited: 2013-05-17 03:02

Added a second picture.
Can't click above or below - only on the three addresses shown.

When I ALT+TAB to the game and come back to CE, the addresses are invisible again.


Csimbi (reporter)

Last edited: 2013-05-20 09:18

A few notes:
When I click on the scrollbar (when there's a bar), the list updates sometimes.

When I drag the scrollbar down, CE closes instantly sometimes (no "do you want to save", no crash dialog, no nothing, just disappears as if it were not there in the first place). The scan was: scan for unknown value, float, and the lastscan (before dragging the bar down) was: compare to first scan results, unchanged.

Hmmm. It seems as if with every new scan there'd be 'empty' lines added before the good ones...

Here's one more weirdness which may be related:
first search: float, unknown initial value.
next: decreased value
next: decreased value
next: increased value
next: increased value
next: compare to initial, unchanged value -> error: "Scan error:thread 4:No first scan data files found"
That's awkward; where did it go?


Dark Byte (developer)

might be fixed in the svn now (I can not reproduce the invisible entries but I did add a forced repaint. Also the bug with unknown initial values has been fixed)

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