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0000229Cheat Enginepublic2013-03-16 17:24
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Summary0000229: 5.6.1 debbug error
DescriptionPkease forgive me I Can speak English well
I am Download CE Source ver.1702 for branch 5.6.1
First I Complie exe dll sys ...
than i set check processwatcher this tab checkbox is six?



and than i restart CE but Error of dll sys ver error
i think 2000011 and 2000012 is not collect.....

+ i change ver than i show CE well but
debugger err i found
you know winmine.exe? it is xp yeh....
i attech winmine.exe and 0100579C find out is well
but 01002fe0 this is cmp for inc the time
i f5 for bp 01002fe0 than what???
CE is not debugging.... what the hell
what should i do?

please forgive my Englush well
i belive you know my mean
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Very (reporter)

my computer is
xp professional 32bit


Very (reporter)

I think It so... The Error Come From
Use KernelMode debugger option when possible
Chking this Opt...

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