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0000224Cheat Enginepublic2013-02-12 00:55
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Summary0000224: The Scan (and next scan) shows wrong values On CE 5.61 and 6.2 Windows 7 64Bit 8GBRAM
DescriptionFirst off I have used CE for 7 years. On my new 8GB RAM Windows (64BIT), even when using cheat engine (both opening up files and also attaching to processes), if I search for a value, say the 4 byte array 00 00 80 3f, even upon the first search I see things in the results that are not 00 00 80 3f, even when opening a static file. Further more, clicking next scan, will eventaully bring the search results down to zero which is impossible because I using a static file. For example I have this 1.3GB file, from a game, then I open up using cheat engine (both the 5.61 and 6.2 version), I press the array search button and search for "00 00 80 3f" here is what happens:
First scan "424,703" results, but the first result on the list is
"58 EE FF DB" the second is "7B 86 9F 81", most of the first 20 thousand results are completly wrong, then there are about 40 thousand that are correct, then a small "island" of 20 that are wrong. and this repeats. Again this is a static file, and (file would keep the same date modified after un attaching CE) but back to the story, I click next scan which on every other computer I used CE to open files, would be the exactly the same results, but on this computer I get "188,791" results which is impossible then 121,000 69,146 then 50,439 then 38,678, by now all of the results are truely "00 00 80 3f" but the next scan still removes more (I am using the regular scan I do not use the fast scan or hyper scan"
After clicking next scan about 80 times, I am left with 152 results, which is totaly incorrect, because if I use CE on my older 32bit 2gigabyte ram computer, I get the correct number or results, and next scan, Always will be the same as the first result, because of course this is a static file. It is an 8GB ram Windows 7 computer (HP envy) I recieved 3 weeks ago where CE does not work, no matter if it is a static file, a offline game, I run as administrator or not, or use compatabilty mode or not, and disconect the internet or not, (also used the 4byte scan, byte scan, text (string) all are corrupts and I get this same corrupt scan using both CE 5.61 and CE 6.2, including the same exact CE 5.61 I transfered from a computer where CE worked (I even reset the registry like you are supposed to when you have different versions of CE), I have no antivirus on the new computer except the default windows defender, which should not matter, because it is on the old computer too.
Additional InformationI used cheat engine for 6 years, so I should know how to do scans. This laptop,is the only computer, where I have had these problems. Even on day 2 when I put cheat engine 6.2 on, it did not work. I hoped this can be fixed, as the scan is a very important, and getting many false postives, and removing true values, makes the search very corrupt.
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Dark Byte (developer)

Make sure cheat engine has write access to the temp folder. Some windows configs even deny the administrator access to that folder.

And try changing your temp folder in ce's settings to something you know you have access to

And of course, make sure you have targeted the correct process. (Try it on the tutorial only, not on stuff like plugin-container.exe, which is wrong anyhow)


mgr_inz_Player (reporter)

@Tiger, if you try this build of CheatEngine6.2+
(revision 1652, downloaded from SVN & compiled, AS IS)

Then do this:
1) install official CE6.2, go to "program files" (or "Program Files (x86)" ), highlight "Cheat Engine 6.2" folder, copy and paste to another location
2) rename previously created folder to something like this: "Cheat Engine Testing"
3) extract 7z package, and replace all files inside "Cheat Engine Testing"
4) make desktop shortcut to "Cheat Engine.exe" and name it "Cheat Engine Testing"
(you can treat this build as CE6.2 pre-alpha or something. After you've done everything, better remove this)

Then check if issues still occurs.

If yes, then run dbgview from sysinternals. It might also show some things. Upload log.

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