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0000194Cheat Enginepublic2012-12-23 02:40
Assigned ToDark Byte 
Summary0000194: Feature request: save trace
DescriptionI am working on a script and I need help from a fellow CE member.
He does not have the game, yet he offered to help me to find the problem in my AA script.
I set a breakpoint where my code triggers... and I get all the info.

It would make things easier for this fellow if there was a way to save a trace to disk so I could RAR it up and email it to him.

He'd open is so he would see exactly the same thing as I do:
 - instructions
 - registers
 - flags
 - FPU
 - MMX
 - stack snapshots

Thank you for considering.
Additional InformationIf the trace does not compress well, then the trace - especially the stack snapshots - could be optimized to save only the changes to the disk and would be reconstructed when the trace is loaded.
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azkesz (reporter)

I think you already cannot use the trace if you restarted the ie. game because the addresses changed and the trace seems to hold the absolute addresses. Hmm, maybe I should not select the Deference Addresses? wonder if that would work across game restarts :O


Csimbi (reporter)

I do this all the time (reattach CE after the crash) as typically new games crash on trace and I'd need to see the code.

The request is about a bit more: I'd like to be able to send the trace for someone else who does not have the game.


azkesz (reporter)

ok, but I remember the trace was useless to me after restarting game and reattach - but I only tried this once and it's possible I remember wrongly
by what you say, the trace should still be good when double clicking on instructions in trace to see the addresses in assembler window right?


Csimbi (reporter)

Exactly, that's what I meant.


Dark Byte (developer)

Implemented in the svn.
Note though that a trace saved with a 32-bit ce can only be loaded back fullt by a 32-bit ce, and same goes for 64-bit

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