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0000183Cheat Enginepublic2012-10-15 08:55
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Summary0000183: Unlogical window handling
Description1. Search for an address
2. Find out, what accesses this address
3. Do stuff in program
4. Double click on an opcode that accessed that address to get Extra info window
5. Now, without closing any of the previous windows, click on Cheat Engine window
6. Try to open all previously opened windows
7. ...

Add a menu option named View to change between open windows in case "Show all windows in the taskbar" option isn't checked.
And since I couldn't access them anymore to close them, the new same windows also hid themselves. Had to use Process Hacker to bring them to front again.
But then again, I think it would be actually more logical to show all important windows in the taskbar by default.
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dksvertix (reporter)

It even worser.

While all those 3 windows (including CE's main) are open, also open Add Address Manually. Now try to close opcodes that accessed list and Extra info windows.

Now the more serious issue I found, when enabling "Show all windows in the taskbar" option: It also shows Hints (e.g. This list shows all the found addresses...) as a window in the taskbar.

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