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0000174Cheat Enginepublic2012-07-22 02:41
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Summary0000174: Cheat Engine displays bad right-to-left gui controls when the system locale settings are set to a right-to-left language
DescriptionWhen the system's locale settings are set to a right-to-left written language, the gui controls such as text boxes, check boxes and such are aligned right-to-left, this also means that text boxes are aligned right-to-left by default requiring a ctrl+shift to type left-to-right.
This makes Cheat Engine really hard to use.

I'm seeing this behaviour in version 6.2, In version 5.6, I didn't experience this issue.

I think that Cheat Engine shouldn't be effected in such a way by the system language especially when there is no translation for the given language set.

To reproduce:
1. Set your system locale settings (Formats, location, language for non-unicode programs) to a language that is written right-to-left.
2. Start Cheat Engine.
Additional InformationOS: Windows 7 64-bit
CE Version: 6.2
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Someone5566 (reporter)

cheat_engine_rtl.PNG, cheat_engine_rtl2.png - Show the issue in the Cheat Engine main GUI
cheat_engine_rtl_text_box_issue.PNG - Show the issue in a text box, where this issue causes a lot of disturbance
cheat_engine_tutorial_rtl_issue.PNG - Shows the issue also happens in the Cheat Engine tutorial program.

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