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0000170Cheat Enginepublic2012-04-19 04:57
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Summary0000170: CheatEngine 6.1 Crashes on Open/Save (64-Bit)
DescriptionWhen using the 64-Bit edition of CheatEngine, attempting to load or save a CT file always results in a complete crash of the program (at least on my computer).
There's no error message or anything, it just quits.

However, double clicking a table will open it just fine, and when launching the 32-Bit version, both saving and loading functions work fine.
Tagsbug, Crash, Load, Save
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Dark Byte (developer)

Did you install any shell extensions to your system? E.g the 32-bit SVN-Tortoise ?

Also, if you have installed Hydravision by amd, uninstall that (or install a new version) That too is known to interfere with ce


lepaperwan (reporter)

Last edited: 2012-05-20 10:28

I have an NVIDIA graphics card so I don't have Hydravision but if I'm the only one, I'll have a look at what might conflict with it.

Edit: Okay, found it! It's actually the DAEMON Tools Pro shell extension that causes the crash. Just had to disable Explorer integration and it works like a charm again :)


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