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0000148Cheat Enginepublic2009-10-09 22:16
Assigned ToDark Byte 
Summary0000148: Adding pointer level improperly adjusts pointers
DescriptionPicture shows it better. When clicking Add pointer the original pointer moves down and the first pointer changes in the reverse direction. So no matter what you place the the engine gets confused and can't calculate the proper address.
Additional InformationFor the pic. I find the first level of the pointer correctly, then sniff out the 2nd level and click add pointer. The second part shows how it adds the new line and the last red rectangle is the result.

If I type the new address in the bottom box the first address isn't there to follow correctly.
Tags5.4.3 cheatengine, babyran En3, bug
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NeoFryBoy (reporter)

Bah, 80 minutes to get here, and ten seconds after I post it I figure it out.

It's still a bug, but pretty minor. You have to copy the offset from the bottom line, then add the new pointer address and offset as normal, then go up one line and paste the offset there.

It shouldn't make you do that.


Dark Byte (developer)

pointers are calculated from bottom to top
If you have a problem with the inserting of a new offset instead of appending overwriting the old baseaddress, then
go to settings->general, and enable the checkbox for "append pointerline instead of insert"
Or just hold ctrl when clicking add pointer

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