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0000142Cheat Enginepublic2009-09-10 16:22
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Summary0000142: Integer Overflow in assembler
DescriptionWhen I choose "overflow checking" in runtime errors (project settings), below line throws an error in simple jmp opcode.

          if (not overrideShort) and ((OverrideLong) or (valueTotype(v-address-(opcodes[j].bytes+1))>8) ) then

current values are;

so the result is "-2" and it cross the bounderies. I solved this issue by this;

          if (not overrideShort) and ((OverrideLong) or (valueToType(DWord(v-address-Integer(opcodes[j].bytes+1)))>8) ) then

"DWord" is keeping the size intact while transferring it into valueToType function (abs will reduce the size), and "Integer" is for making delphi to interpret as a integer and lifting the error.

I dunno is this helpful.
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