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0000129Cheat Enginepublic2009-07-24 02:27
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Summary0000129: View pointer scan results
DescriptionCurrently, the pointer scan results are visible only after the scan has been completed/stopped. Is there any specific reason why the results are not currently visible during the scan?
I would like to see the results as soon as they are found - so I can start working with them right away - while the scanning can continue in the background.
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Dark Byte (developer)

I could probably add in a option to poll the current results, but really, the results you get are 99.99999999% useless
only 1 or 2 of the 5 billion pointers it finds will be usable (assuming the depth and structsize is big enough)

After a pointer scan and the results are saved, you have to restart the game and find the value again, and then do a rescan for the new address to filter out the wrong pointers


Csimbi (reporter)

That's true - but I would not be just sitting around; I could check if I am scanning for the right thing.

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