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0000098Cheat Enginepublic2009-02-03 00:202009-02-03 19:42
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Summary0000098: CE 5.5 FPU in trace
DescriptionHi there,
I noticed that there is a button now for the FPU in the trace as well. Neat, I've been waiting for this.
I am moving the cursor over the instructions one-by-one, however no change occurs in the FPU window (at all), so it seems that the trace does not capture the changes in the FPU (or, the captured value is not shown on the UI properly).
Could you fix this, please?
Thank you.
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Dark Byte   
2009-02-03 16:47   
hmm could be, that was untested, but the setpointer to context should trigger an update on it.

It also doesn't update if you press the >> button again ?
2009-02-03 19:42   
No, it never updates.

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