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Summary0000095: Structure stepping
DescriptionThe dissect data is very useful.
I enter an address, and the template will be filled with the appropriate values.
I would like to request a new feature: Structure stepping.
The name might be incorrect, but I have a pretty good idea, so let me explain how I think it should work.
We already have an editbox there, where you can put the address (where the structure starts). Now, we will call this base address now.
Put these things next to it in this order: a button with an arrow pointing left, and editbox with (hexa)decimal integer mask (user could choose whether it's hexa or dec) with the default value of 0 (we call this index), and, finally, a button with an arrow pointing right.
The onclick event on the left and right arrow would decrease/increase the value in the editbox in the middle (dunno if allowing negative numbers make sense so a check might be needed).
The onchange event of the editbox would do this: take its value (the index), multiply it with the length of the structure, add the result to the base address (do not update the base address in the editbox, because we will need it later) and fill the template using the result address. Maybe the result address could be shown in case someone wants to know it (and "browse this memory region".
What do you think? Is it doable?
Thank you!
Additional InformationI can only hope that my suggestion above is clear.
If it sounds unclear (or, total non-sense), please let me know and I try to describe it (or, if you tell me which form in the CE source is to be updated, I could give it a go and - at least - try to put basic things there).
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Dark Byte   
2009-02-02 00:53   
I'll probably have to reread it a couple of times before I actually understand what you mean and/or if it's a useful idea

anyhow, it's located in: frmstructures.pas / .dfm see if you can make it work. (Keep in mind that the file->add new address might interfere if you add buttons in the same line)

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