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0000091Cheat Enginepublic2009-01-22 22:582009-01-23 02:16
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Summary0000091: Add address manually, pointer option messes up offset with multi-level pointers
DescriptionWhen i try to add multi-level pointers using the add address manually dialog, once i press add pointer the offset of the first pointer passes to the second pointer instead of staying at the first one. This makes it not work (Since the first pointer offset is now 0 and the second pointer offset is incorrect).
And to fix it: it requires me to move the offsets up everytime i add a pointer level to make it work.

Pointer offset
044f200 18

once you press add pointer:
pointer offset
result of next pointer 0
044f200 18

pointer offset
result of next pointer 18
dosent matter(user input) 0(user input)
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Dark Byte   
2009-01-23 02:16   
This is by design but seeing some people dislike it there is now a setting called "Pointer adding: Append pointerline instead of insert"

just redownload ce and set that setting to true

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