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Summary0000090: Trainer Creator Feature suggestions
[1] Trainer Maker: Add records
In this window it would be useful to have a third button "Edit" besides the "Add" and "Delete" buttons.

[2] Trainer Maker
Accordingly, in this window an "Edit Entry" button would be good, to both check what values are changed in what way and to edit these entries
(=> [1]).

This might help when you have to enter many different entries you want to create shortcuts for, if you mistype only once, you have to delete the complete entry and start over again.

[3] Trainer Maker
It also would be nice to edit the underlying adress table entries of an existing trainer.

Additional InformationScenarios in which I wished for those features:
For example, I have an adress table with 3 entries (x,y,z - coordinates), each consisting out of the same base pointer and an offset.
Having about 80 different Hotkeys assigned to write different sets of coordinates into memory, it would take a lot of time to recreate the trainer (80*3=240 entries, not counting those you you have to enter several times because of mistypes :) ), should the base pointer change (for whatever reason), you must completely recreate your trainer.
In this case, changing just the 1 base pointer affects all 240 entries at once. (As far as i know the table isnt stored in that way inside the trainer, so far i had to edit the .EXE file of my trainer manually with a hexeditor with search&replace each time the base pointer changed)
Perhaps a feature to bulk-edit several selected entries at once like there already is inside the address table ?

Points [1] and [2] should not be that time-consuming or difficult to implement, [3] is a bit more complex and may be wishful thinking :).
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