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Summary0000084: CE5.44SVN UI not updated on paste
I installed CE 5.44 SVN build (DB posted the link in another bug report).
It seems that the UI is not updated after SHIFT+INS (paste).
Thanks for fixing.
Additional InformationOpen the auto-assemble editor.
Copy a few lines (5 should do) of code to the clipboard (CTRL+INS).
Hit CTRL+END to go down to the end, then paste the text (SHIFT+INS).
The newly pasted text is there, but not visible.
See attached screenshots:
1 - Copy (select text then hit CTRL+INS)
2 - After scrolling to the end (hit CTRL+END)
3 - Paste (hit SHIFT+INS) note the invisible text
4 - The text becomes visible when any action that requires re-drawing the text is taken, such as:
 - scrolling the window
 - selecting the invisible text
 - moving another window above it then moving it away
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