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Summary0000079: Remote Interface
DescriptionBefore CE I used TSearch, it has the cool feature that you can search from another pc, this comes in handy if the game crashes on Alt+Tab.
So it would be cool if CE would support doing remote searches. If this interface would be XML-RPC it would be really easy to add another input method like a plugin for the Logitech G15 keyboard, with that you could search with the lcd on the keyboard without having to use Alt-Tab at all.
Tags5.4.3 cheatengine, bug
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2008-09-25 10:57   
I thought CE supports remote search already - just check the start menu shortcuts...
Or, I guess I misunderstand. (?)
Dark Byte   
2008-09-26 22:36   
5.3 has remote search. I kicked it out in 5.4 because the remote desktop that comes with XP and the patch that's out which makes you able to login without making the other user log-out is a lot better than my own implementation.

If you mean just implementing an interface for the Logitech G15 keyboard LCD, it could be possible(perhaps for a plugin using the planned ce 5.5 plugin system)
But how big is such a lcd screen, you think it has enough space to display anything meaningful ?

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