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Summary0000074: Compare memory blocks
DescriptionWhen I want to compare two memory blocks, I need to dump them to two files, compare the files using a binary diff tool and calculate the offsets back.
It would make my life a lot easier if there was a way to select two offsets and specify a length and CE would indicate the differences to me (so, I do not have to do all this mumbo-jumbo to compare two blocks).
I have an idea how this could look like (see additional info), but that's just a suggestion - there is no need to stick to my plan - you might come up with a lot more convenient/efficient solution.
Thank you for considering.
Additional InformationMy idea of how the end result should look like is this: two memory viewers side-by-side, showing the hex dump on each side, but those bytes that are different are draws using a different colour (than the original) on each side. I.e. identical bytes are green, different bytes are red of both sides.

I imagine that there are various ways to come to this side-by-side view:
 - design a specific "memory comparison" window with two memory viewer panels (no disassembler and registers panels), where one can enter two offsets on the top and there is a scrollbar in the middle so that the two viewers scroll together.
 - put a link on the current memory viewer window (Tools menu?) that would open up an identically sized memory viewer window next to the current one (meaning that there would be two windows). I image the scrolling/resizing of the window might bring some complications.
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Dark Byte   
2008-09-14 00:40   
I'll look into it.
Also: How about having a "dissect data" window with 2 addresses next to eachother ?
2008-09-16 20:37   
Your call ;-)
Dark Byte   
2009-01-03 03:29   
Dissect data now shows the entries in red when more than 1 entry is shown, and the entries' value do not match

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