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Summary0000068: Change type of multiple records
DescriptionI add 20 pointers (the results of a pointer scan) to the cheat table.
Each of these are added to the table as "4 Bytes" (dunno if it's a bug, but I was scanning for a "Float" pointer - why pointers that result from a "Float" scan are added as "4 Bytes" pointers is beyond my comprehension).
Anyway, if you right-click on one entry in the cheat table, the menu pops up and you can select "Change record" -> "Type" - but only when one address is selected. When I select two or more addresses, this pop-up menu item is disabled. So, I have to change the type to "Float" manually 20 times, for each pointer separately.
I would like to request extending the "Change record" -> "Type" feature to multiple records.
Thank you.
Additional InformationIt might be that currently it works like this to be "fool-proof". If so, you might want to add an "Enable advanced tools" somewhere in the setting that would be required to use this feature.
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Dark Byte   
2008-09-07 00:37   
It is possible, but I noticed there is a small, weird, bug with it. When you multiselect from the first address in the list, it somehow doesn't work. (Will look into that)
To work with it for now, select the 2nd address in the list(NOT the first one) and hold shift and press end (or use arrows) and then while shift is pressed doubleclick on the type. Then you can change the type and all selected items will get that type.

As for adding them as 4 bytes, that's the default type CE uses for everything. (Since you can't specify the type it adds it as 4 byte)
2008-09-07 22:57   
It works as you describe it, but it is not that simple to get it right (and not too quick, either).
Thanks for looking into it.

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