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0000065Cheat Enginepublic2008-08-30 23:452008-08-31 15:25
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Summary0000065: CE 5.4.2 - Code replaced on cancel
DescriptionI am trying to hack Disciples 2.
I right-click an address in the table and select "Find out what accesses this address".
I find a bunch, but I click on the one that appears to read the value: mov ax,[ecx+08] (see screenshot) and I click the Replace button on the right.
A dialog asks the name I wish to give, and I click "Cancel".
Even though I clicked "Cancel", the code is replaced with NOPs.
Additional InformationNot much to add, I guess this is more or less trivial to fix. (?)
Email me if you need more info.
Thanks for fixing.
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2008-08-31 13:34   
I assume you can fix that by clicking on advanced options memoyizing that code and then looking for it in advanced options and right click on it thier should be something like... restore with orginial code and then just right click again and remove from list....
Dark Byte   
2008-08-31 15:25   
The dialog that pops up is just asking if you want to store this change in the advanced options list, but it's not a confirmation on if you're sure. I can see where the misunderstanding comes from and I've now changed it so it won't change it if you don't want to add it to the list

Fixed in svn

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