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Summary0000062: Calculate offset
DescriptionIt would be really useful if I could select two addresses in the address table and have CE calculate the distance (with sign) of the two addresses in both dec and hex.
Additional InformationIt could be a hotkey, or via the right-click menu when exactly two addresses are highlighted.
The result should be signed and (both in dec and hex) it should be easy to copy it though (two editboxes?).
I hope you understand what I mean - how it's implemented, I leave it to you.
Thank you.
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Dark Byte   
2008-08-19 00:49   
So you mean let ce fill in the window of "Recalculate offsets" when 2 addresses are selected? (as a separate option of course, since the original function is for offsets with the foundlist)

In case you don't know what I mean:
select an address in your list, rightclick and it choose "Recalculate address"
Then in the 2nd tab you can fill in the new address, and if you go back to the first tab you can see the offset between the 2 addresses have been filled in, and you can tick the hexadecimal checkbox to toggle between hex and dec
2008-09-07 22:56   
I tried what you described below (I did not know about this earlier).
When I select an address, there is not such option as "Recalculate address" - there is one that says "Recalculate all addresses" - this works as you described, but it takes too much effort - what I would like it to highlight two addresses in the list, and hit a hot-key (or, select only 1 menu item) and get the value.
For now, it seems faster to copy both addresses to the calculator and subtract them (vs. the procedure you described above).

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