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0000060Cheat Enginepublic2008-08-14 20:162008-11-11 04:40
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Summary0000060: CE 5.4.2 - cannot repeat pointer scan
DescriptionI am trying to hack a game.
I add an address manually to the list (which I found in TSearch).
I perform a pointer scan (Default) - nothing found.
I change some pointer scan options - the number of levels - an when I try to scan, I get an error.
I try to repeat the original scan - the same error again.
Additional InformationThe error message says: "Error during scan: Failure copying target process memory"
I attached the screenshot of this error message (for what it's worth).
I have 4G of RAM (of which XP see 2.75G).
The game's footprint is 596780K, VM Size 572668K.
CE footprint is 62964K, VM Size 58732K.
Sizes are those shown in XP's task manager.
Other than that, I have no further info. Please ask if you need some.
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related to 0000029resolved Dark Byte Possible Memory Leak via Pointer Scanner? 
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Dark Byte   
2008-08-15 14:55   
should be fixed in the SVN
Dark Byte   
2008-11-11 04:40   
fixed the problem where it didn't free the target memory

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