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Summary0000059: Pointer Scanner
DescriptionOkay heres a glicth in the tourtial and or idk
in step 6 i assume if you click change pointer and don't scan and then after it changes to another pointer and scan for the changed to value you can just find the pointer also if your slow enough and can't do it in 3 seconds you will just come up with no adress but if you click on first scan and then idk you'll just find it ??????
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Dark Byte   
2008-08-09 08:00   
When you have found the pointer, you must freeze it to 5000
Then click on change pointer.
Because it's set to freeze the address will be set to 5000 automatically. And because it is a pointer the address will be correct and no need to scan
Dark Byte   
2008-11-11 04:32   
Moving this to resolved.
This is on purpose. Those 3 seconds are just to show how futile it is to scan memory in that limited time and that pointers are better

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