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0000056Cheat Enginepublic2008-07-31 17:252008-08-01 11:38
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Summary0000056: Hack Attempt detcted
Descriptionokay when i load up ce 5.4 even when i;m not hacking i get the message hack attempt detcted

 also i think i know what is causing this i couldn't delete cehook.dll it said its being used by another process weird???????

is ce like a rootkit????? it uses it self 4 no reason???
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2008-08-01 04:27   
check to see if you have speed hack on
Dark Byte   
2008-08-01 11:38   
Close all online games that you might have running. Then you won't get a message about hack detected.

and cehook.dll can't be deleted till you close ce and all games you opened if hyperscan was on.

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