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0000533Cheat Engine(No Category)public2017-04-09 06:172017-04-10 00:03
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PlatformWindows 7 x64OSOS Version
Summary0000533: Duplicated headers and comments in Memory View
DescriptionUsing Cheat Engine v6.6, clean install.

Upon saving and loading a table that contains comments in the disassembler, the following occurs:

After a line has had a header and a comment in it, any lines that follow that contain only a regular comment will also have the previous header appear on them, duplicated. The cheat table file's XML is correct, but if it's saved after this bug occurs, the duplications will appear in the table file as well.

The result looks much like this:
Steps To Reproduce1. Open any program with Cheat Engine
2. Place a Header and a Comment on a line of code
3. Place a comment but no header on the next line, save table.
4. Close, reopen Cheat Engine, open the program and load the table.
5. Open Memory View and there it is.
Tags6.6 CheatEngine, bug, Save
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