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Summary0000046: Some Feature requests from me :-)

For patching i switched to my own System now because too many unwanted sideeffects of CheatEngine that are:
1. Awesome Slowness of the Editorcomponent of Autoassembler when feed with big scripts (and mine now getting really big).
2. Inconsistency between assembler and disassembler (in syntax) so i get many times the wrong opcodes choosen (confusion with byte word dword parameters is it possible that i force the wanted one ?)
3. Differences in Signed/Unsigned between Assembler/Disassembler as already pointed out in Tracking Nr. 34
4. Cheatengine Enumerates the seen dlls on Programmstart and not when i click enumerate thats especially not good when autoattach is enabled and cheatengine connects realy early to the process (not all dlls loaded) so i had to reattach but this renders autoattach useless.
5. When i start the Programm i want to debug multiple times Cheatengine confuses and refuses setting Breakpoints (maybe because all processes have same name?) Got some ugly crashes because of that.
6. The Viewing of Symbols/UserSymbols/Kernel Symbols is not really Userfriendly or well thought of. Most Times its annoying and only usable when all is turned off.

But i use it now as Codehunter and Tracer that could fit my needs verry well when there were some Features like:

1. Allow Enable/Disable of Breakpoints only remove is most times not wanted and i have to remember the Breakpoint in some other place (piece of Paper or texteditor) thats really not convenient.

2. Maybe conditional Breakpoints ? that would be a great improvement.

3. make only the mnemonics copyable in disassembler so i can copy paste to my own sources.

4. When using the Scanner or getting the list of what accesses something i would like to be able to select multiple lines inside the resilts and copy em to clipboard. The handling now is more than complicated and there should be minimal an option to remove some or single entrys from the results so you can cleanup this lists during you are checking them.


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Dark Byte   
2008-07-06 07:40   
Note about point 4:
If you have an address in the address list that makes use of the modulename+offset notation, it'll refetch the module list every 10 seconds till it succeeds

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