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Platformx64OSWindows 7 x64OS VersionSP1
Summary0000434: TTreeNodes.GetNodeFromIndex: Consistency error - count too big
DescriptionI had a reversed structure open in the structure dissect window, with a lot of child structures open (these were a mix of reversed and auto-created structures).
Then, I figured CE would close all of them up so I selected the same structure from the Structure menu.
That's when the error popped.

Please note that I have both cleanup boxed checked (see attached screenshot).

Thanks for fixing!
Steps To ReproduceStart CE and attach to process.
Make sure your structure cleanup settings are the same as mine (see attached screenshot).

Open up the Structure dissect window, put in and address and select a reversed structure.

Open up about 20 pointers (make sure some a reversed, some are auto-generated - just to be sure) and leave them all open.

Select the currently selected structure from the 'Structure' menu again (yes, even if it's selected).

The error should pop immediately.

Note: Expect CE to go zombie (you will need to end task via task manager).
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should be fixed now (github)

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