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0000426Cheat Engine(No Category)public2016-01-04 00:052016-01-06 21:57
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PlatformOSWin7Pro ENOS Version
Summary0000426: Multi-monitor environment regression
DescriptionSorry to be such a party pooper, but 6.5 version have a regression in comparison with 6.4. It doesn't work well in multi-monitor environment - windows positions are not remembered on a proper monitor.
Steps To ReproduceExample:
1. Open any table with Auto Assembly in it
2. Double click on any Auto Assembly entry - it opens on main monitor.
3. Move it to the second monitor. ( )
4. Close it. Now Auto Assembly shoud now be remembered to open on second monitor.
5. But if you double-click it again it shows on the first monitor.
Additional InformationIt goes also for Main Window (position is somewhat remembered but not on a proper monitor) and some other windows.
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