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0000424Cheat Engine(No Category)public2015-12-29 18:382015-12-29 18:57
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PlatformCore i7-2820QM, 24 GBOSWindowsOS Version7Pro x86_64 EN
Summary0000424: Add to address list is not considered a change
DescriptionChanges to "Code list" under "Advanced Options" are not considered a change to the table file.
I don't know if it is a bug or a feature.
Steps To ReproduceLoad some table.
Change some address to do nothing (or add address to the "Code list" manually).
Close Cheat Engine.

CE does not ask whether to save changes to the table, only closes without giving chance to save CE table.
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Dark Byte   
2015-12-29 18:57   
thank you. fixed

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