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0000042Cheat Enginepublic2008-05-07 21:232008-05-08 00:38
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Summary0000042: Copy to clipboard always copies both bytes and opcodes
DescriptionIn the memory view, if you can right-click an instruction, the context menu contains a menu item called "Copy to clipboard" - a feature that I requested some time ago ;-)
You can copy bytes+opcodes:
009690C5 - 6a ff - push ff
You can copy bytes:
009690C5 - 6a ff - push ff
You can copy opcodes:
009690C5 - 6a ff - push ff
As you can see, all three are the same - this is the problem, actually; they are supposed to be different...
Thanks for fixing.
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related to 0000034resolved Dark Byte Assembler assignes wrong code 
has duplicate 0000085resolved Dark Byte Copy assembly code to clipboard 
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Dark Byte   
2008-05-08 00:38   
This bug has been fixed. It was brought up in bugid 34 , and should even be in the fixed release here: (really minor fixes not worth of a release yet, but this bugfix is one of them)

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