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0000410Cheat Engine(No Category)public2015-10-02 22:302015-10-06 00:29
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PlatformWindowsOSVistaOS VersionSP2
Summary0000410: "Recalculate new addresses" has Offset Limit
DescriptionThe Recalculate Address option seems to have an offset limit of 0xFFFFFFFF. The Change to Address option seems to ignore the first three digits of the address when preforming the offset calculation. This is on the x64 Version of Cheat Engine 6.4.
Steps To ReproduceFind an address in a x64 program. Change the first digit of the address and attempt to recalculate the address.
Additional InformationWhen the HEX option is checked off in "Change by offset" the correct offset is displayed.
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Dark Byte   
2015-10-06 00:29   
fixed on github

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