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Summary0000403: Lack of disk space and search
Descriptionprogram after stop
Lack of drive(c:) space

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I'm sorry I did not get well
Steps To Reproduce1.Unknown inital value First Scan
2.Unchanged value
3.Unchanged value
4.Unchanged value
5.Unchanged value
Program stop
Insufficient Disk Space
Tags6.4 CheatEngine
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Dark Byte   
2015-08-23 16:56   
Doing an unchanged value scan after unknown initial value is just asking for diskspace issues.

Assuming you did an "All" type scan, with fastscan off, on a target process that takes up 6GB of RAM:

For "all" types, each result takes 2*8=16 bytes (Unless you use custom types which will be 8+maxcustomtypesize )

assume absolutely nothing changed in the target process, which means every byte returns a result
6GB = 6442450944 Bytes, so 6442450944 results.

6442450944*16 bytes=103079215104 bytes

Now, assume you didn't deselect the ability to undo scans, that means each scan result will be made a copy off.
So, 103079215104 *2=206158430208

And don't forget that the first scan is often saved as well. In this case an unknown initial value scan, so a full copy of the game: 6GB
206158430208+6442450944 = 212600881152

Soooo, for such a scan, you would need at least 212GB free diskspace

To deal with this, go to scan settings, and set the temporary scan folder to a disk with at least 212GB diskspace free

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