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0000402Cheat Engine(No Category)public2015-08-20 14:032015-08-22 11:59
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Summary0000402: "ALL" search doesn't work in the latest SVN build,
DescriptionI got the latest version of the SVN build from here:

and noticed two major bugs.
1) Search for "Unknown" All Value and Certain number and "ALL" return 0 results. Previous version of the SVN build wasn't affected.
2) I have 4GB of RAM free, however memory scan for GTA V require 6.5 (unknown initial value, float). On the previous version I was able to perform search like this without any issues (because of the page file), but latest SVN build simple won't let me.
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Dark Byte   
2015-08-22 11:59   
1: Is the type you're looking for a 1 or 2 byte value? If so, go to settings->scan settings and tick "byte" and "2 bytes" for the all type

2: What do you mean it won't let you? Do you get an allocation error? Or do you mean CE looks like it's frozen ?

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