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0000391Cheat Engine(No Category)public2015-04-29 17:342015-06-20 01:00
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Summary0000391: my testing some hexview stuff language
DescriptionMy Cheat Engine Test some hexview Korea Language

1.Dual Engine 5.4 MemoryView Font Korea Ansi&Wide Char Memory View Success
(Cheat Engine 5.4 Source)



if WJmp=1 then
else if buffer[j+(i*8*rowsof8)]=$0 then
mbcanvas.Canvas.TextOut(start+20+20*((8*rowsof8)-1)+j*chrlength,5+i*textHeight+2,' ');
mbimage.Canvas.TextOut(start+20+20*((8*rowsof8)-1)+j*chrlength,5+i*textHeight+2,' ');
end else if buffer[j+(i*8*rowsof8)]>$7f then
end else


2.Cheat Engine 6.4 MemoryView Font Korea Not Memory View

Steps To Reproducemaybe error?(single line code fix)

Memory View Single Change Text Code Change -> Memory View English View (Dual Engine 5.4)

Memory View Single Change Text Code Change -> Memory View Korea Crash View (Dual Engine 5.4)

Memory View Single Text Code Change -> Memory View Korea& English Not View (CE 6.4)
Additional InformationDualEngine DownLoad Link:

My Test Video:

Cheat Engine 5.4 Memory Viewer WideChar Source(Korea Language):
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Attached Filespng test.png (220,962) 2015-04-29 17:49

png error2.png (102,118) 2015-04-30 10:26

2015-04-29 17:44   
Dual Engine ansicode Korean language Memory View Success

Dual Engine Unicode Korean language Memory View Fail

Cheat Engine ansicode Korean language Memory View Fail

Cheat Engine Unicode Korean language Memory View Fail
2015-04-29 17:55   
Korea Multi line Change Apple Ansi Code -> BB E7 B0 FA

Korea Multi line Change Apple Uni code AC C0 FC AC

Korea Multi line Change Apple Uni Code -> AC C0 FC AC 00 00 6C 00 70

But Bug Code 00 00 6C 00 70 (Delete)
2015-04-29 18:04   
(Last edited: 2015-04-29 18:10)
Korea Multi Line Change Apple Ansi Code ->BB E7 B0 FA

Korea single Line Change Apple Ansi Code ->EC 82 AC EA B3 BC


Korea Multi Line Change Apple Uni code AC C0 FC AC 00 00 6C

00 00 6C Bug code (Delete)

Korea single Line Change Apple Uni code 3F 00 48 04 B5 B0 00 00 30 00 30 00 33

00 30 00 30 00 33 bug code (Delete)

2015-04-29 18:17   
Single Line Fix View Error Video:
2015-04-29 18:30   
(Last edited: 2015-04-29 18:46)
my error if the font is MS Sans Serif?

maybe can be a font error?

video link:

Dark Byte   
2015-04-30 02:34   
it's a short list because the hexview requires a font that has unchanging character widths. That means that both '1' and 'Q' will take up the equal amount of space

Also, to test the 16 bit encoding, rightclick the hexview and set text encoding to 16 bit, else it will keep showing it as default 8 bit
2015-04-30 10:30   
my testing screenshot error2.png

1.regedit save font name error(korean language font)

2.single line edit bug (english not bug,korean language bug)

3.korean language memory view blank

2015-05-01 00:23


procedure TMemoryBrowser.RefreshMB[Cheat Engine 5.4]
procedure THexView.render;[Cheat Engine 6.4]

Cheat Engine hexviewunit.render textout code fix?
2015-06-19 14:40   
Latest Cheat Engine Source rev Text Encoding Visible = False

Other languages are impossible?
Dark Byte   
2015-06-19 20:14   
It is impossible for me to test as I can not input those characters, my windows build can't display those characters, and even if I could, I wouldn't know if it displayed properly. And not to mention that there are over 20 different encoding types.

Someone else will have to try and fix/implement that. (Also, there is some talk that the compiler or lcl library that ce makes use of, doesn't properly support it either)
2015-06-20 01:00   
Thank you for answer

have a good day darkbyte!

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